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Our handcrafted incense sticks are no exception.


Made with 100% natural ingredients, our  incense sticks are hand-rolled to perfection, ensuring an authentic and long-lasting aromatic experience.


Immerse yourself in the serene aroma of our Cedarwood incense, scented solely with pure cedarwood oil. Experience the clean and woody fragrance, rich with soothing earthy tones that transport you to a tranquil forest retreat.


Enhanced by smooth cocoa base notes and accented with hints of citrus and fresh juniper, this calming incense is perfect for creating a peaceful atmosphere in any space.




Perfect for unwinding after a long day, enhancing meditation practices, or bringing a sense of calm to any room in your home.

Tranquil Cedar | Incense

  • These ingredients are added to an all-natural incense base with resins, gum and the most important ingredient Bamboo. 

    ⁣12 sticks per set

    Burn time is approximately 45 minutes.

    Our incense range is free from: chemicals, alcohol, artificial colours, synthetic scents, artificial preservatives, animal products.

    Hand rolled in England

    Colours and width vary within bunches due to handmade nature

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