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The smell of copal resin is a sweet smell and was used by the cultures of pre-Columbian Mesoamerica as ceremonially burned incense.


Copal is a powerful incense to use during meditation, as it is linked with the crown chakra. During meditation use Copal to deepen the connection to mystic energy and use it to encouraging pure thoughts.


Copal traditional use is as a space clearer, transmuting negative energy from places and objects. It is known to bring a positive energy that will fill your home with loving & peaceful energy.


Burn time is approximately 10-60 minutes. (depending on how much you use on discs)


⁣80gram of Copal in a Natural 100% cotton drawstring bag


Each refill bag weighs 40 grams and pay extra for a pack of 10 charcoal disk ⁣



Colours vary within batches due to the natural nature

Copal⁣ | Incense Resin

PrisFrån 4,20£
  • Derived from the sap of native trees of the Buresa family in South America, Copal is a smoky, sweet incense used by the indigenous tribes of the Americas for ceremonies and rituals.

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